Rosanna Coppo

Plenary Session 9 presentation title: “What progress has been made in understanding IgAN in children in the last decade?”

Rosanna Coppo, MD, FERA
Fondazione Ricerca Molinette, Turin, Italy

Rosanna Coppo research periods at Wayne State U., Detroit, USA; Scripps Clinic & Research F., La Jolla USA; Cantonal H Geneva, Switzerland; Herriot H, Lyon France; Necker H, Paris, France.

Director of the Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation Unit, Regina Margherita Children's University Hospital, Turin Italy and Professor of Pediatric Nephrology at the University of Turin (1989–2015). Now retired from the Hospital work. Member of the Fondazione Ricerca Molinette,Turin, Italy.

Coordinator Immunonephrology Working Group (IWG) ERA-EDTA (2009–2015)

Secretary General European Society Paediatric Nephrology (ESPN) (2012– 2015)

President Italian Society of Nephrology (2010–2012)

Chairperson ERA-EDTA Administrative Office (2005–2012)

Chairperson ERA-EDTA CME programme (2003–2009)

President Italian Society Paediatric Nephrology (1995–1997)

Author of 342 scientific publications reported by PubMed

Coordinator of the European Validation study on the Oxford classification of IgA nephropathy (VALIGA), involving 52 Centers from 13 European Countries, enrolling 1147 patients.

She is presently ISN Councillor, Chair of the ISN Western Europe, Chair of the ERA-EDTA CEPD for Glomerular disease, Coordinator of the International IgA Vasculitis study and Member of the IgA nephropathy global network.

She is the co-chair of the scientific committee for IPNA 2022.

She received the 2016 ERA-EDTA Award for Outstanding Contributions to Nephrology and in 2020 the Honorary Membership of the European Society for Pediatric Nephropathy.

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