Hong Zhang

Plenary Session 2 presentation title: “A role for the lectin pathway?”

Hong Zhang, MD & Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine, Renal Division, Peking University First Hospital; Peking University Institute of Nephrology

Dr. Hong Zhang is a Professor of Internal Medicine, Deputy Director of Renal division at Peking University First Hospital in China. She is the Board Committee Member of Chinese Society of Nephrology, the Board Committee Member of Nephrology in Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Vice-president of Nephrology Committee in Beijing Society of Medicine. She is also the member of ISN CME Advisory Committee and ISN-ACT Committee.

Dr. Hong Zhang received her MD from Peking University Medical School and PhD from Okayama University Medical School in Japan. She has been an Associate Research Scientist at Genetic Department, Yale University School of Medicine.

Dr. Hong Zhang’s major research interesting focus on pathogenesis and clinical therapeutic strategies of glomerulonephritis. She has a renowned international reputation in clinical research in IgA nephropathy. She is Co-chair with Prof. Perkovic for the TESTING trial steering committee. She is a member in the trial steering committee and the National Leader in China for the CREDENCE trial, the chief investigator of the NEFIGARD trial in China.

Dr. Hong Zhang has received the following research awards: ISN Fellowship and the Best Fellow Award of ISN, Ryobiteien for Outstanding Research Work in the Field of Biological Science Award in Japan and the Distinguished Young Scholar of National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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